Shu-ching and Yang Won 2017 UW AMIC Seed Program


Shu-Ching Yang (left) and Yang Liao (right) won the first open competition of UW AMIC (Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium, Industry Student Seed Program ( Their proposal “Fabrication of a Novel Functionalized Meso-Porous Material from Cellulose and Biomass for Heavy Metal Ions and Formaldehyde Gas Adsorption” has been funded for $10,196. The project is to fabricate renewable and biodegradable functionalized materials from cellulose, biomass, and chitosan in the forms of hydrogel and aerogel. The hydrogel and aerogel have unique properties such as large specific surface area, very high porosity, and special functionality. They can efficiently and selectively remove pollutants from water (such as heavy metal ions) and air (such as formaldehyde), respectively.

Prof. Pan won 2015 CALS faculty and staff award

Congratulations! Professor Pan will receive Excellence in International Activities Award.

The awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday April 29th at 3 p.m. in the Ebling Symposium Center of Microbial Sciences.

Melanie won 2014 SIRE-REU Award

Our undergraduate student, Melanie Swannell, won the 2014 SIRE-REU Award.


Isomerization of glucose to fructose in molten halide salt hydrates

Student: Melanie Swannell, biochemistry and food science

Faculty advisor: Xuejun Pan, biological systems engineering
Extramural funding agency: National Science Foundation

Congratulations Melanie!

Summer Biofuel Workshop 2014


Our Summer Biofuel Workshop (July 31st to August 1st) supported by NSF was successfully finished.

We had two UW undergraduate students and eight local high school students this year.

The program provided lecture, lab tour, and lab sessions related to biofuel technologies.

If you want to see more pictures, please check the following link: